A fictitious night based on memories and missing Tokyo

by Jenny @yedai_art

A night in Tokyo, 6 pm to 6 am. Illustrated with creations made with Snowpixel app.

I'm really happy with the result. The vibe is so true to my memories and working on this blog post I could relive and even smell it all.

18:00 - The ultimate Tokyo night starts in the small alleys next to Shibuya station where tiny bars and restaurants tightly line up. Picking one old favourite and one new to try tonight.

20:00 Moving on to the favourite restaurant Kaikaya by the sea. Sashimi, tuna spareribs and crispy chicken salad. And sake!

22:00 Without karaoke a Tokyo night could never be complete. It's like Hotel California, once you check in, you can never leave.

01:00 But we make it to Womb. Losing sense of time and space, dancing to the techno.

03:00 Meeting some interesting characters who only come out at night.

05:00 Last stop we have early morning sashimi breakfast at Tsukiji fish market. As fresh as it possible can get.

06:00 Dreamy taxi ride home through the crisp sunny Tokyo morning. Not sure if going to sleep is good idea anymore. After all, you don't want to lose a minute of Tokyo time.

Hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did, maybe we'll do it again sometime soon!

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