By Jenny @yedai_art assisted by AI

You can find a million travel and tourist articles on the internet with beautiful photographs showing off Finland's four seasons in all their glory so with the risk of repeating a cliche I decided to find out AI's take on this topic. It is after all my homeland and I miss it. In a way it’s a follow up on my last blog post here, “12 hours in Tokyo” as it is, another kind of sentimental post, based on memories and experiences.

Instead of writing a text and trying to get images to match, I started with a loose idea and then let the images and AI dictate the story.

One of my favourite things about Finland is the access to a sauna by everyone, so that is naturally a part of every season.

Here we go.


After the very long and dark winter it is such a joy to feel the sun warming you and the earth up again. The last snow has melted away, birds are returning and the trees are slowly turning shades of light green.

We can start imagining returning to summer cottages, saunas and swimming in seas and lakes again.

A birch tree forest waking up in the spring. Draft followed by Creative model.
Sauna in the spring. Draft followed by Creative model.


Endless light. The opposite of winter. The longest night of the year, midsummer night is in the end of June and is a big celebration. Often with grilling, sauna and skinny dipping in the sea or in one of the thousands of lakes, topping off the party.

Later in the summer it’s time to pick wild blueberries. The forest is magical and has a deep smell of warm pine trees.

AI's take on skinny dipping in a Finnish lake. Draft followed by Creative model.
Sauna in the summer. Draft followed by Creative model.
AI's take on deep in the blueberry forest. Draft followed by Creative model.


In early fall it’s time to head out into the forests of Finland to forage for mushrooms as the trees slowly start to turn shades of yellow and red.

Again the sauna plays a big role as the days get shorter and colder. You can cling to memories from summer and get used to the idea of the long, dark winter ahead.

AI's take on mushrooms in a Finnish forest in fall. Draft followed by Creative model.
Sauna in the fall. Draft followed by Creative model.


Back to darkness, but also light. The snow that covers the ground where the earth sleeps makes up for some of the daylight missing in midwinter. And if you go up north to Lapland, on very cold and clear nights, you might get to see the spectacle of the northern lights.

As important as the sauna is for Finnish people all year round,  for me it might be especially important in the winter. When you're cold to the bone, there's nothing better than heating up the sauna and maybe cracking open a beer afterwards.  

AI's take on northern lights in Lapland. Draft followed by Creative model.
Sauna in the winter. Draft followed by Creative model.

As I continue to experiment with Snowpixel I’m amazed how well the final images can portray an artists individual style, almost like the AI gets to know you and often delivers almost exactly what you wanted or maybe something you still didn’t know you wanted.

I really like that you can now use the Draft model on Snowpixel and choose from the 100 options which images you want to go on with. So far I'm mostly sticking to the Creative model, but I'm looking forward to try out more of the Artistic and Structured models in the future.

Let's see what I come up with and have fun with your own experiments!


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