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Hello AI Artists and Friends

It’s me, your friendly neighbor Luis Ruiz, with a new weekly blog on creating content in Snowpixel. I’ll be dropping science, tips and tricks to help you achieve success in Snowpixel.

Today, I’ll be talking about prompts. From basic to advanced, we all want a great outcome/output. I have poured time and investment to understand the app and also learned from mistakes. I’m here to help curve those mistakes and get you rocking on a positive path.

Let’s start off with basics.

Snowpixel is divided into modules:

Creative-It can take both text and/or image as input. You can also choose how coherent you would like results to be. If prompt is descriptive, choose high coherence, whereas if prompt is conceptual and abstract, it's better to choose medium coherence. The output is usually defined/detailed and I feel that Creative is great for character design, creatures, and defining any type of simplistic drawing or design and the AI pushes the detail in the final render.

Structured-It doesn't suffer from the issue that elements in generations being cutoff like Creative Model, it sometimes does not follow prompt well though. I feel that Structured is amazing for environments, landscapes.
Tip: Generating variations work very well from the base Structure output.

Drafts-This model generates lots of accurate images and doesn't suffer from most AI Artifacts in generations you would see in other models. This is one of the most badass modules and showcases why Snowpixel is different and also why it’s more advanced that other AI art apps. It is very dependent on your prompt and the more detailed your idea, the better.

Snowpixel has recently upgraded this module to create more coherent outputs that rival.
Tip: Enhances your final generations if you run Creative module over Drafts outputs.

Artistic-Results tend to be pretty abstract. It does not work well on long and conceptual prompts. Short descriptive prompts give the best results. Artistic tends to create comic book style (almost vector based/stylized) outputs.
Tip: I have found that utilizing Creative model over Artistic model created awesome results.

Emoji-Generates Emojis. I have created some very interesting emojis from the utilizing Variations from the base Emoji.

The style of Emoji is a vector like quality.

And now to the Prompting Goodness…

Creative- I have experimented quite a bit with prompts in the Creative module.

Try the following:

  1. Ultra Violent Mecha Battle Zombie Alien Creatures On Alpha Centauri Moebius Junji Ito Syd Mead Style

I break down my prompt as the main idea and then the mash up of different artists styles. It really creates detailed renders if you go about it this way.

2. Ralph McQuarrie Style Robots Versus Cenobites In The Inferno Of Hell With Vapor

I break down my prompt as the artistic style first and then incorporate the main idea after the defined artist with details at the end. This will also create very distinctive output renders.

Structured- Again, I repeat that this module is really fresh for creating forms and environments. I think being vague or utilizing simple prompts is the way to go with this module.

Try the following:

1. The past is forever, the future awaits, this image is horrific scary and supernatural

I went vague and existential with this and check out my results.

Mindblowing results here!

2. Vincent Di Fate Robots Versus John Berkey Spaceship Battles

Here I stated the artist before the subject and ended with a verb. The results were pretty fun and interesting. Check it out!

Drafts- One of my true favourite modules. This is pure experimentation. The fact that you get 100 outputs and can choose from the lot gives a good amount of control. Snowpixel has updated the coherence of the Drafts to look almost like finished image. And what I mean by choosing is that you can pick 10 of your Draft favourites and then run other modules with them, it’s a win win, situation!

Try the following:

  1. Moebius Junji Ito Yasushi Nirasawa Style Zombie Creatures Battle Gory Demons On Planet Uranus hyperrealism concept art

This is one of my latest prompts. Using my fave artist mash up to create some splendid outputs. Check the fire and then go experiment.

Artistic- I dig this module cause I’m a serious comic book collector and the vibe of the output is in the same vein of stylization. I definitely use prompts based on superhero epics or anime/fantasy battles. Also creatures versus creatures or aliens/robots.

Try the following:

  1. Zombies Battle Yasushi Nirasawa Style Creatures In Hell

I feel you can be pretty free with detailing the prompt how you like with this module. Look at my awesome renders!

2. The Nuclear Robot Apocalypse Will Be Televised On Alpha Centauri

See, I’m going weird with it and yet the renders come out pretty cool.

Emoji- Last, but not least is Emoji.

I dig it because you can actually create really fresh and strange variations with it and then use them in your text messages.

You can also be free with your prompts on this module.

Try the following:

  1. Demonic Supernatural Scary Horrific Gory Creatures and Monsters

See how the outputs are different and fun.

Now check the Creative variations:

Okay now it’s your turn to create.

I’ll be doing this on the weekly and hopefully you will check out my goods and it will help you develop your own skills using Snowpixel.      

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