Generative art empowers content creators to make their own images for all sorts of purposes like illustrating a book, creating graphics for social media, or even making an album cover!

All of the images made in Snowpixel belong to the artist, so these can be used even for commercial purposes. Fun way to save a little bit of time and money, right?

To illustrate the power of Snowpixel we teamed up with Martin, also known as designerjoy, to make some custom album covers.

Example 1: Colorful Psychedelic Floral Abstract

For the first set of album covers, Martin wanted something "colorful, floral, psychedelic, liquidy/ripply/oily". We took that description and turned it into the following prompt:

A pattern of colorful floral psychedelic liquid, fractal melting pattern.

We ran that prompt through the Structured model and got tons of awesome results.

In fact these results were so good that we didn't even evolve them!

Example 2: Dark Reptile Scales

The next example was a little trickier and took some more effort, but came out beautifully in the end. Martin wanted "dark depressed iguana scales (close up reptile skin)". He also wanted a color scheme using dark purple and green hues. To bring this vision to life we ran the following prompt through the Structured model:

close up macro-shot of dark iguana scales, close up scales, purple navy and dark green color scheme, reptile skin texture.

Example 3: Holographic Water Lily

For our last example Martin wanted a holographic water lily. We experimented with various prompts. Ultimately our favorites came from two different prompts. The first one was:

Holographic iridescent lotus in a pond of shiny crystalline ripples, glitchy effect, soft purple and blue pastel palette.

And the second prompt was:

Glitchy holographic water lily made of crystal.

While many of the results were neon lotus flowers, we also got some really beautiful surreal flowers with muted palettes. Take a look:

We created the water lilies in the Structured model and although we experimented with running them again through Creative, ultimately the original Structured were the favorite.


Creating an Album Cover with AI is a fun way to use Snowpixel for a practical purpose. Musicians can save money in a fun way by generating their own artwork and experimenting to arrive at something truly unique.

Best of all? Everything you make in Snowpixel is 100% yours, meaning you can use any of your images for commercial purposes. You own everything you make with Snowpixel app.

Working on an album cover in Snowpixel? Tag us on Instagram @snowpixelapp so we can share your favorites!