Greetings Everyone!

Sharonlee here again with a run-down on a creative project I have been working on using Snowpixel.

Firstly, a little about myself as an introduction;  I am primarily a poet and creative writer focusing on fantasy themed prose. Over the years I've been developing a fantasy realm called The Fantastical Realm of Fantasme (Fan tas me), a series of lengthy poetic pose stories about a fantastical world of mythical creatures and seerers, sorceress's wizards and ancient lore.

I began my journey into digital imagery as a means to illustrate my tales and to be honest, the creation of digital imagery has taken over!

This week I focused on developing some mythical creatures using Snowpixel, Centaur and Faun type creatures, to use as characters in Fantasme.

How I combined Drafts, Similar and Creative models to get final results:

Firstly I keyed in an appropriate prompt phrase, in this case - 'Beautiful mythical Faun Centaur creature with both human and goat features' - then opted to use the Draft function because this gives me 100 draft images to later develop even further.

Secondly, when the Drafts were ready I went through them, choosing 10 I liked the best, then continued with those 10 by using the Selection option then running the images through the Similar mode, which gave me a further 50 images, with more refined features.

As a third step, after sorting through the 50 from Similar mode I chose 5 to put through the Creative option... refining the images even further.
Creative mode gave me some quite impressive images.

And finally I added some elements to give characters more personality.

You can use Picsart to add elements like horns and caps to your characters. To know more about it check my other blog.

Are you making fantasy characters with the Snowpixel AI? Tag us on Instagram @snowpixelapp so we can share your favorites!‌‌