Hello Fearless AI Artists.
Luis Ruiz here, ready to drop some fresh skills and new ways to use Snowpixel. Today, I’ll be showing you the possibilities of utilizing the video creation additions in Snowpixel to create Motion Graphics video art pieces.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital footage which create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

Motion graphics are usually displayed via electronic media technology, but may also be displayed via manual powered technology.

Motion Graphics are created for Movie/ Streaming Title Sequence, TV Commercials/ Advertisements, and Music Videos.

APOCALYPTICCO by Luis Ruiz 2022

I started with an idea, as always.
I wanted to create a faux TV show based on the creature demonology of HP Lovecraft. A show where creatures were battling for dominance of the Netherworld. I called it APOCALYPTICCO.

Step 1

I started with the Creative module and devised the following prompt:

Horrifying Gory Mutated Warriors of Yog Sothoth Battle Hideous Demons In Hell Moebius Giger Yasushi Nirasawa Style

Here are my Creative outputs:

I got lucky and all my outputs were eye catching. I selected all of them and created an Interpolation video.

I brought the video into After Effects and slowed down the video by 1/4 percent. I added the actors of the show, creators, and added music.

It actually took longer to animate the details than it did to create the lush background. Again, Snowpixel, helps in shaving time to create awesome results.

Interpolation video using creative model outputs


In this second Motion Graphics piece, I decided to create an advertisement for a faux PS5 game called METROPOLIS .

I also utilized the Creative module to create different output renders .

Step 1

My prompt was:

Supernatural Biomechanical Droids and Cybernetic Cities Are Dark and Evil In Nature Makoto Kobayashi Style

Here are a few Creative outputs I used to evolve the image into a video with the Video Generation feature.

Creative model outputs
Creative model output

Step 2

I clicked the Video Generation icon (under the output image) to create a few individual animations from Snowpixel and then put them together in Adobe After Effects.

I created a futuristic flying Pantera in Maya, added some text, added the Sony end tag, and added a soundtrack by Kordhell.  Wallah, instant advertisement and Koolness for sure!


The big takeaway is that Snowpixel helps all artists and multimedia artists create imagery and motion graphics that would normally take more time if you start from scratch.

Using your imagination, interesting prompts, and adding the custom video component to your outputs, you can create multimedia pieces that are
exquisite and ready to air on the big screen or streaming TV.

Now, go get on Snowpixel and experiment with your creativity and vision.

Luis Ruiz

Are you making motion graphics with the Snowpixel AI? Tag us on Instagram @snowpixelapp so we can share your favorites!