The recent upgrade to the Snowpixel Structured model allows for some pretty wild art options!  Doodle art, like all AI art has endless possibilities as you never know what you will end up with as the images are evolved.  I was privileged to get the opportunity to engineer a few prompts with Snowpixel using terms like "doodle art" or "doodling" to experiment on different art effects.

I started out with the prompt: Beautiful doodle art with beautiful characters embedded in the art.

I got some really cool generations just by swapping out the word "beautiful" for a variety of other words like, "gothic, sinister, amazing, demonic, trippy.

Another version of the same prompt: Beautiful doodle art with beautiful oil on the canvas characters embedded in the art.

Here are some of the awesome generations that came out.

I took out the "beautiful urban characters" and replaced it with "gothic style oil on canvas characters".  This was the result...

The key to making this really cool abstract art is making sure that the prompt has the word "doodle" "doodling" or even "doodle art" somewhere in it to get great detailed effects.  Also adding words like "embedded in the art" gives cool details.

Here are a few more easy to get carried away lol!

And finally if you like the ultra dark can go full on demonic doodling!

And to finish is some Van Gogh doodle art :-)

I hope this blog post inspires you to do some AI doodling on Snowpixel, using the structured model.   I had so much fun making these and there are so many other variations only limited by what you can think of.

Happy doodling!