Today's creative project was one of a purely experimental nature where I explored the concept of Abstract Patterns.

For my first adventure into creating Abstract Patterns I uploaded an image I had previously created for this specific purpose. I used Picsart to create a basic image that I thought might adapt well to abstraction.

Next I chose to create 50 Similar images with interesting results, using 'Abstract Patterns Sacred Geometry' as the prompt phrase.

I re-rendered a selection of these images once again in Similar Function on Moderate Similarity.

I quite like the results, the colors are sharp and bright, however I'm not sure the images would qualify as Abstract Patterns in the truest sense. I believe my choice of base image had everything to do with this.

For my second venture into Abstract Patterns I keyed in the prompt phrase 'Abstract Patterns in Blue Green and Purple' and generated 100 interesting Drafts.

This gave me a lot of impressive results to take further.

Next, I chose 8 Drafts which I re-rendered using Similar Function with the  Low Similarity option, which produced 50 more interesting images. All these images can be reused using Snowpixel multiple times.

I then chose 6 of these images to put through the Creative Function, adding additional modifier prompt - boteh, optical illusion.

The results from Creative Function came out with more depth and texture.

Using an external program, Picsart, I took the Snowpixel images one step further by placing them in a collage/grid format to add to the overall pattern effect. I also used Picsart to alter the color effect, just for something different.

Happy Creating Everyone!

Remember creativity is only limited by our willingness to explore and experiment!


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