Greetings Creatives!

My next adventure into Abstract Patterns involved a little research. While I have some knowledge on the subject and recall famous artists and works of art I am impressed by my knowledge of terminology and techniques and it has never been strong.

I wondered what results I would have if I used terminology specific to the topic of Abstract Art and Patterns for the Prompt.


With this in mind I did a little reading and came away with an interesting prompt 'Rhythm, Joy of Life  Robert Delaunay Orphism art movement'

I typed this into the title box and rendered 100 Drafts.  This resulted in some excellent images, although because I included the artists name in the prompt phrase over half of the images were actually male portraits.

I selected several patterned images from Drafts and re-rendered them in Similar Function with Low Similarity, which produced 50 Abstract Patterns.

The results from these were truly amazing, I was dazzled!

Finally from these I chose my favourite 5 to re-render using Creative Function on the Moderate setting. These 10 images had interesting results, they had an almost 3D painted effect , which I found surprising.  

I'm sharing a few more images I made using the Creative Function, mostly because I am more than a little fascinated by the textured 3D results.

Happy creating.


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