Greetings Creatives

In keeping with creating imagery for my fantasy world 'The Fantastical Realm of Fantasme' I set about creating landscapes using Snowpixel.

Firstly, using the keywords 'Ancient Winter Forest in Mist Shrouded Shades of Ethereal Harmony' I opted to use the Creative Function, which gives 10 images to use.

Next I selected all 10 to run through the Similar Function at High similarity.

The results of the images from Similar were very impressive and gave me a further 50 similar images to utilize as background material or stand alone pictures.

Then I decided to choose 6 images from the Similar rendering to re-render using Creative option again. This resulted in images with a richer depth and clarity.

Finally, I downloaded those 10 versions using the Download option.

My book

I've created various fantasy themed landscapes using Snowpixel and have always been very excited with the results.
In fact I was so impressed by my landscapes I had two color books made, so I could use them as coffee table books.  

Thank you for your time today, I hope you enjoy creating with Snowpixel as much as I do!

Are you making fantasy landscapes with the Snowpixel AI? Tag us on Instagram @snowpixelapp so we can share your favorites!‌‌‌