Our user base consists of various small business owners who are using our app to create AI art to be used for their product. One of our users, Craig, is using Snowpixel to generate designs for his Etsy store - Theartframes.

Here is an interview with Craig about using AI generated designs for his Etsy Store.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

35+ years of design experience , with a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Over the course of my career, I have produced international designs in consumer medical, transportation, and retail industries, and have been contracted with clients including Microsoft, Disney, The Ohio State University, and Big Red Rooster. Currently, my business (1Designs) produces photo realistic computer illustrations for retail, and I recently opened an Etsy store Theartframes.

Snowpixel came along just as I was setting up an elaborate digital drawing tablet configuration.

AI text to image generators : I was initially intrigued, "I can write a prompt containing a descriptive scenario, and the 'robots' send me back beautiful images?", sign me up! Needless to say, my drawing tablet has been gathering dust ever since.

What do you sell on your Etsy store?

My original idea was to produce intricate victorian style 3D printed frames, finish them as reproductions, and sell them on Etsy and other venues. But now I have the option of putting some decent art content in these frames.

The content is produced with a prompt line that took awhile to develop, it was an evolutionary process starting with a vague string of descriptive words. The intent was to let the algorithm do the work. Find phrases with desirable results. String together words like color balance , distant skies, contrast, those types of words produce a unique and interesting combination for the process to work well. I've tried the phrases that seem popular, like a Koala bear playing basketball, those types of word phrases with a defined subject, and can also produce interesting results.

As a small business owner, What benefits do you see in using AI instead of hiring artists? How does it compare in terms of time, cost and quality?

For my needs, Snowpixel helps me produce original digital artwork, very quickly. This way I don't need to charge a lot for my time involved with the content.

What has your experience been so far? Can you share a bit of your methodology with us? Which models do you use in Snowpixel and why?

The strategy for me was to perfect a prompt line through numerous iterations. I tried to develop a strong descriptive prompt. One that you can almost predict what the algorithm favors.

With Snowpixel, I'll typically use the creative model and medium coherence, after unveiling the iterations, I'll upscale them to 8K.

These AI text to image generators can produce some incredibly original artworks. The incredibly short amount of time it takes to generate 100's of originals, based off of your prompt is awesome.

Any suggestions for other Etsy store owners?

Etsy store owner can use this technology for many different tasks. Ask Snowpixel to generate jewelry designs, decorative textile patterns, banner ads, the possibilities are growing everyday.

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