Content creators can beautifully illustrate stories and abstract themes using Snowpixel. Whether you want to make an album cover or a few images to accompany your writing, Snow Pixel can bring your vision to life.

We teamed up with Liz, a writer & artist also known as @weaving.light, to demonstrate this process by Illustrating a Poem with AI. Her beautiful poem below is titled "Bleak" and was written in the cold middle of winter.

The sky, a
Seems to say:
“No, you’re not

The clouds lean
Down, as if to
Peer through windows.
To Taunt.
To Jeer.

The cold air knocks with
Small, sharp hands,
And even the dull
Wind Understands -
“No - you’re not

All of the images above were created by using lines directly from Liz's poem as our prompt. First we ran those lines through the Drafts model to generate 100 initial variations. Liz then selected ten of her favorites from each section of her poem and we refined those pieces by running them once more through our Creative model. A simple way to get some pretty incredible results!

Even if you're completely new to generative art, you can create your own beautiful and interesting images just by using poetic text prompts. Try using lines from your favorite poem, movie, or book. Song lyrics are another popular option. Snowpixel responds well to abstract prompts making this method a fun & easy way to start exploring (and enjoying!) the world of AI art.

Are you making abstract or poetic illustrations with the Snowpixel AI? Tag us on Instagram @snowpixelapp so we can share your favorites!