Snowpixel makes it easy for content creators to generate characters using the latest AI technologies. To illustrate this, we'll show you the process of Making a Faerie with AI.

To begin, we need a text prompt.

When creating characters that embody a theme, such as the moon or one of the elements, AI responds better to prompts structured like "Faerie of Fire" rather than "Fire Faerie." The AI also responds better to prompts that have a modifier at the end, a sort of style to focus on.

With all of this in mind, we used the prompt: Faerie Queen of the Moon, 8k resolution detailed fantasy art and ran it through the Drafts model. Drafts provides us with 100 images to start with, which we can later refine.

Here are a few examples of the initial drafts:

Great start! Snow Pixel allows creators to select up to 10 drafts at a time and run them again to finish. We selected our favorites and ran them through the Structured model, which uses the latest Diffusion technology. You can use Selection mode to select multiple drafts and run other models on top of them. This means it's better at composing subject matter like figures & faces, perfect for our faeries!

As you can see the original subject matter and colors are preserved in the second run, but the details and overall depth of the image increase. Pretty cool, right?

Using the unique Drafts model provided by Snow Pixel you can generate many variations of your character and refine your favorites to ultimately arrive at a detailed, finished image. Try experimenting with different themes and characters, let your imagination run wild!

Are you making characters with the Snowpixel AI? Tag us on Instagram @snowpixelapp so we can share your favorites!