Snowpixel recently added the exciting new feature of Additional Prompts. This means users can now take images they've generated and run them again with additional instructions for the AI. You can get some pretty incredible results by utilizing this new feature. Let's take a closer look at this with two examples: characters and landscapes.

Example 1: Faerie of Spring

Spring is in full bloom here, so let's get celebrate with some Faerie Characters. To start I used the Drafts model with following prompt: Portrait of the Faerie Spirit of Spring, 8k resolution detailed fantasy art. Like usual, I got some pretty great results out of the initial 100 images. Next I selected my 10 favorites and ran them through the Structured model with the additional prompt: Faerie Fantasy Character, ArtStation HD bokeh. Check out the results:

As you can see the AI took the initial drafts and evolved them with the new instructions in mind. There is more detail and realism and you can see the influence of the new prompts particularly well with the bokeh effect that was added to the second evolution of the faeries.

Example 2: Garden Landscape

Let's dig into the power of this a little bit further with a garden landscape. To begin I used the following prompt in the Artistic model: a 35mm film photograph of a lush garden of vibrant flowers, unreal engine, 3D render, hd, bokeh. The initial 75 results were quite beautiful!

Next I selected ten images and evolved them using the Creative model with the additional prompt: Rainy afternoon garden by Thomas Kinkade. Check out the results:

As you can see the second evolution not only added rain to the image, but also created structures in the background due to the influence from Kinkade. While the original composition was preserved, we were able to build on top of the images to create more detailed and interesting results.


The new feature of Additional Prompts is really powerful and really fun. It allows creators to take their original generated images and evolve them into completely new pieces. Perhaps we could make our garden illuminated by a spectacular sunset or make our faeries come alive in a comic book style.

Tip: The Drafts model works better with broad concepts, like genres. The Creative and Structured models can handle more detailed prompts, like specific artist names.

Experiment with the different models to see what works best for you. Personally, I like using broad prompts in Drafts and evolving my favorite pieces in Structured with more specific prompts, but maybe you'll have better luck using the Creative model and then the Similar model. Have fun seeing just how far you can evolve your images with Additional Prompts. There are endless combinations to try!

Got a cool image created with additional prompts in Snowpixel? Tag us on Instagram @snowpixelapp so we can share your favorites!