Exploring Optical Illusion with AI

Step 1

I used the simplest prompt possible - 'Optical Illusion' and used Drafts model for get my initial set of images to build upon.

Step 2

Upon which I utilized similar Function by Similarity Strength at Medium. Because most optical illusions are basically constructed of concentric lines and circles the results were all very much the same.

In retrospect, I should have been more descriptive with my prompt.

Step 1 : Images generated for prompt 'Optical Illusion' using Drafts model

Step 3

I decided to download a few Drafts, then chose one, to which I added an eye using an external program that I have mentioned in previous blogs, Picsart.

Step 4

I then uploaded that image and began again with the new prompt of 'Optical Illusion with Eye' using Similarity Function.

This produced interesting results, the colors vibrant and the eye clearly visible in most of the images.

Step 4 : Results of post-processed image used as input for similar function

Step 5

Taking things one step further, I re-rendered 4 eye/optical illusions using Creative Function.

Creative Function produced intriguing images and while perhaps not exactly in keeping with the concept of Optical Illusion, the creative results are certainly fascinating and I adore them.

Step 5 : Re-rendered images taken from Similar function as input for Creative Function

I hope you enjoyed my little experience with optical illusions. k

Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.” – Barbara Januszkiewicz

Lets keep creating and inspiring each other.


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