Greetings! Today, a topic dear to my artistic heart.

Salvador Dali and Jacek Yerka are two of my favorite surrealistic artists.

I have a great passion for surrealism, it speaks to me louder than reality and softer than a whisper.

Dali painted The Persistence of Memory, a painting that has always mesmerized me, even when I was young.

Dali finished the painting in 1931, however not all surreal artists of the time considered Dali a true painter of surrealism.

All that being said, that painting has inspired me to create a series of my own titled 'The Persistence of Time' using Snowpixel as my preferred platform.

I began this adventure into surrealism by first creating some base images using Snowpixel.

Step 1

I used the prompt 'Dreamy Surreal Fantasy Landscapes' and generated 100 interesting Drafts.

I found results inspiring.

Step 1 : 'Dreamy Surreal Fantasy Landscapes' images using Drafts model

Step 2

From these 100, I chose two that felt particularly surreal to me and downloaded them. I cut and merged the two images using Picsart to create one image.

I also added an old clock to the new image to further improve my goal of creating 'The Persistence of Time'.

Step 2 : Post-process image using Picsart

Step 3

I uploaded this combined image into Snowpixel and used the Similar Function at Similarity Strength: Medium, which produced 50 images based on this input image and prompt.

Step 4

From the 50 images produced using Similar Function I chose 6 to re-render in Creative Function and opted for Low when the program asked 'How long would you like model to work on Image?'

Step 4 : Creative model outputs (with Low creativity) using Drafts images as input

Step 5

Then I chose a further 6 and picked High, when the program asked that same question for creative model.

Once again I am obsessed by the results and quality of Creative Function and Snowpixel overall.

Step 5 : Creative model outputs (with High creativity) using Drafts images as input

What do you think?

Do I have the makings of a surrealist artist?

I must admit that with an inherent belief that even imperfection creates art, along with Snowpixel's many options, the possibilities are endless!

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali.

Happy Creating!


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