Greetings Everyone!

Today I focused on creating portraits of wise elder women. My intention was to create the main character of my Fantasy World 'The Fantastical Realm of Fantasme'. She is an ancient Storyteller who narrates each poetic tale.
I used two different methods to generate images for this project.

First method

I keyed in the prompt phrase 'Wise Old Crone' then chose Drafts.

From the 100 Drafts I then chose 10 to re-render using Similar Function with low similarity and got excellent results.

I also did another 10 using Artistic Function. These turned out with an added appeal, taking on the appearance one might associate with an ancient crone persona.

Second Method

For the Second Method, I used an old photograph of myself, chose the prompt phrase 'The Wise Woman' and used the Similar Function . They are given below:

From those similar images, I chose 10 to re- render again in Similar, this time on Medium Similarity. Below are the results:

From those images,  I chose 7 to render yet again, this time using Creative Function and adding a modifier keyword 'Grandmotherly' which produced 10 finished images.

The prompt phrases play a vital role in the creation process. I was surprised with the results of the first method where I used the prompt 'Wise Old Crone' and of the 100 Drafts 80 were actually male. Not that I'm disappointed, as I now have male portraits to work with at some point.

Have fun creating!

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