This model is no longer available to use. Please try Structured model.

This AI model generates lots of accurate images and doesn't suffer from most AI Artifacts in generations you would see in other models. Drafts model and Structured model are best to start with so you can layer other models like creative over them.

Let's look at some sample generations.

Prompts has to be short and descriptive. Long and abstract prompts does not work.

Prompt: Alternate Reality


Prompt: A girl in forest with butterflies


Prompt: Modafinil Blues


It's a good idea to select a few drafts and run other models like Structured , Similar or Creative on top of them to further improve results.

Here's a demo video on how to use Selection Mode to select Drafts and run other models on top of them.

Note : Images are shown in 512x512 resolution in the app, kindly download them to get 2048x2048 resolution

For Info on all models, check getting started guide.