Snowpixel enables a new different way of content creation. You are no longer creating images from scratch, rather AI can generate lots of images from your description pretty easily. Curating the generations and running different AI models on them with different settings is the new interesting part. After getting a few good generated images, you can make final touches on generations using a tool like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop


A typical generation workflow looks like:

Step 1: Generate an initial set of images from Text and/or Image.

Step 2: This initial set will have all sort of diverse images. Choose the images you like and discard the rest.

Step 3: There are multiple AI models available each with its own different generation quality. Run an AI model on top of your selections and a new set of Images will be generated. This newly generated set of images will have higher concentration of images that you like.

If you loop between Step 2 and Step 3 a few times, you should have a decent set of generated images in the end.

An example workflow:

  • Generate an initial set of Images using Drafts model.
  • Choose the images you like and run Similar model on them.

You can checkout our blog where we share tips and tricks for generating images.

Images are shown in 512 x 512 resolution in the app, kindly download them to get 2048 x 2048 resolution

Generation Models

Prompt Crafting

It's the most important skill when using generative neural networks. Our models work well with descriptive prompts and doesn't work at all with abstract conceptual prompts.

Choosing an AI model

Different models generate different sort of images and different numbers of images per credit. For example, if you are looking for something abstract, Artistic Model is a good choice. Whereas, if you have your own sketches, and want AI to transform them, Creative Model is a good choice.

You can use Creative or Structured Model on pure text, but composition and color schemes of generations can be pretty random. To have more control over that, it's a good idea to start with Drafts model. It generates lots of images based on your description. You can then choose the ones you like based on composition and color scheme and further run any model like Creative on top of it.

App Guide

Let us get to know the app:

App Home Page

Checking generations on History page:

History page

Here is how to use selection mode to select multiple images and use other models over them:

Note : Newer generations will get added on last page of prompt.

For more detailed guide, check our blog.