This only works with creative model.

To have more control over composition and layout of generations, you can steer the AI by uploading a composition input image. You can control multiple subjects, their counts, placements and size relative to each other.

Composition Image can be any rough sketch. Autodraw is a good place to quickly make rough sketches. Start with using a square layout there as input images have to be square.

Input composition Image:

In above sketch, we have specified 2 mountains, their positions, position of clouds. And generations should follow this layout.

Prompt: The miracle unfolded above the mountains and below the clouds, it was bright and strange


Generation has mountains and clouds generated at location specified in input image. Let's look at another example with a simple sketch.

Input Composition Image

Prompt: A ship stands still in the waves of the ocean


We can also upload a drawing and make it come alive.

Input Image

Prompt: The Bear Sat Eating its Meal Calmly


Let's input something with a black background.

Input Image

Prompt: A house at night, a simple home with only moonlight lighting the outside